guess what I do for a living...

From a family of folk artists, wood sculptors and antique dealers, I grew up in
the country (Google Pekin, IN) with no other kids to play with — just a pad,
a pen and a big imagination. I was weird in school. I was an art kid. I was the
class clown. Technology finally caught up with me and I discovered my true path
in life. Today, I am a self-employed freelance Graphic and Web Designer who makes a living doing the things that once got me detention and a C average on
my report card.

Now, it's less about me, and more about what I can do for my clients. I approach each project with a flexible mindset — defining marketing strategies and employing cutting edge technologies to help my clients grow their businesses.

I also save them money. That's the benefit of freelancing — working from home or on-site with my clients. I have no staff, only equals who share my love of good design and web. I also have a large network of vendors (lovingly referred to as my flying monkeys) who are willing to meet insane budgets and deadlines.

On a Less Serious Note...

I spend a lot of free time reading and learning new things. I watch a lot of football, sing and play bass, fish, paint, play video games, and travel. I really enjoy meeting up with other designers and entrepreneurs (self starters make the world a better place). At the end of the day, I relax with with my husband Erik, teenage son Tyler, and these vicious beasts ->

I support local businesses, too. Kentuckiana is one of the coolest places on earth to live, work and play. There's an amazing art and music scene, lots of places to eat, tons of bourbon, and only one place to get the best wings in the country. I love those wings so much that I actually placed a link to it on my website. They aren't even my clients. They don't even have a website!
If you'd like to see more cool stuff about the town I live in, click here.

My Skills

  • 1
    Adobe CS: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks
  • 2
    HTML (5), CSS (3), FBML, CMS, e Commerce, Word Press, banner campaigns, SEO, mobile and social media, Dreamweaver
  • 3
    eCRM, Bookkeeping, Small Business Consulting including customer service, inventory-management solutions, logistics, human resources, accounting and more...